About Ace

I created and run Ace Sentimental Gifts. I am also mother of 3 (or 5, should you include the husband and dog!) from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. 

The first steps were taken in 2010, with my first plaque being a thank you gift for my daughter’s teacher. I posted a photo on facebook and was overwhelmed with comments from friends wanting me to make some for them too.  My passion and creativity soon drove this venture from a hobby to a career. I was made redundant in September 2013 and decided to take this career one step further and go full time! From then on Ace Sentimental Gifts was born. 

Ace FamilyThe heart of everything at Ace, as in so many things, is family. Not only are the majority of plaques a testament to love and family, but they originate from the same place. The plaques start with Billy, my husband, where he hand cuts each plaque in our home workshop. My sons role is the “Specialist” in charge of stacking plaques ready for painting (he is 5!!!). Then they are then sanded, painted and decorated - with patience and ingenuity being poured into each one. Extra decorating help comes in the form of my daughters, when on the hunt for extra pocket money! There has been an executive decision to leave the dog out of the process - though let us know if you'd like that extra special "chewed" effect on your next plaque, and we'll sign him up! 

The growth of Ace Sentimental Gifts and the support that has come from the immediate and wider community has helped this business flourish into the growing enterprise it is today. As with many self employed people, hard work and dedication is needed but being able to run a business doing what I love to do most, be creative, is amazing!  Thanks to the many customers who come back time and time again, and refer their friends, colleagues and, of course, family to this little workshop of creativity; it has been a real success. I also look forward to the day, when I can hand the company to my children and they can carry on from where I have started.