My Top 5 Favourites

It may seem like Christmas is a long way off but for me the Christmas rush has started already. Yes October I know crazy right!

Before I get ‘snowed under’ I wanted to share with you my personal top 5 favourites. It is really hard for me to pick just five but I managed it, just. They explain themselves so here we go

 At my number one is the new PHOTO BOMB LETTER. I made the first one of these for my Dad for Christmas and I fell in love, my customers did too, have you?

£ 20.00 each Photo bomb Freestanding Letter


Number 2

...are the really cute I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK MOONS. These are available in two sizes and have proven very popular


Number 3

...are the OWL PERSONALISED FREESTANDING TREES. These can include up to 15 hearts in your chosen colours. A real eye catching decoration / gift.


Number 4 my favourite quote so far. COME AND SHARE A POT OF TEA. I have a blue one of my own proudly displayed in my kitchen and everyone comments on it. It’s just super


Number 5

...just has to be the simple but beautiful quote ‘Happiness is being married to your best friend’ Available in a range of colours. What a lovely gift this would be to be given.