Teacher Thank You Gifts with a Special Personalised Touch

Finding the right Teacher Thank You gift can be one of the school years hardest choices. You want to find something that is special, unique and suits both the teacher and your child. Not much to ask you would initially think! I now have children in Primary school and secondary school and also Child minders to thank too. That is a challenge!


Just think what it must be like on the last day of term from a teachers point of view. Emotions are running high. Every teacher, Maths, English, Science to a Nursery career, will be thinking about the time they have spend with your children. It is a time to show them how much you appreciate all of the effort they have put into the school year. From showing your child kindness to teaching them about the world.

They must get inundated with wine, flowers, chocolate and apple related products. Thats why our gifts are extra special. Each one can be personalised to suit them. Their name can be added plus your child too. You also have a selection to chose from. The teacher in mind may have a great sence of humor so this one would be fab, it is also very different to your avereage gift

£ 15.99 each Wonderwoman Theme Head Teacher \ Teacher Sign. Fun gift

Fun Large 20cm by 26cm Sign for a female Teacher, Head Teacher, Childminder etc.

Reads I'm not saying our......... is WONDERWOMAN but have you ever seen ......... and WONDERWOMAN in the same room?

Please add a note to the personalise box with the info to fill the dotted lines above..

A teacher who really has pushed that extra mile to make the year awsome for your kids would love this one

£ 11.00 each Awesome Class / Teacher Thank You Gifts Personalised Medium

Personalise a very special gift for the whole class or teacher. Medium size. 22cm by 16cm.

Add a note to the personalise box with the text you would like to display. Please check spellings etc

Available in a range of colours too

Plus never forget the assistants who have helped the teachers and pupils all year. They need a special thank you too. These are fab and available in a bundle of 4.

£ 20.00 each X4 Teacher Thank You Plaques

Beautiful personalised wooden teacher thank you plaques x4

Thank you for all you've done and for making learning so much fun.

Please add a note to the personalise box with the teachers or class names and if you would like a different message to. 

Select the colour you would like please add an extra note with the names stating the colour for each one.

Please remember each item is made to order so although we do have a wide range of items to choose from we can also make something completly unique to you. Please just contact me if you would like to talk about an idea and we can come up with the perfect design.